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Media and Morality
September 22, 2015, 12:00 AM

I was listening to a recent media report concerning some policy changes made by the Pope towards marriage annulment. What struck me was not the issue of marriage annulment but how some in the media were characterizing it as a move by the church to be more “welcoming”. This buzzword word “welcoming” is often used to label a church or Christian that rejects biblical standards and capitulates to the latest cultural fad or societal definitions of morality. This same tactic is used with words such as “tolerance” or “discrimination”. Interestingly, these media personalities seem to miss the fact that they themselves are not very “welcoming” to any biblical or moral position other than the one to which they subscribe.

The power of the media is in the ability to not only reflect the cultural mindset and values but to shape and influence it. A subtle, pervasive, biased perspective influences many who are exposed to this kind of reporting. Reporters who readily criticize Christians of indoctrination or attempting to win others to Christ, including those of other religious persuasions, often regularly engage in their own brand of indoctrination. (Even though, supposedly, they are to simply just present the facts and not engage in advocacy activities).

Christians, therefore, must be spiritually discerning when exposed to all media—television, radio, movies, music, blogs, Websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Realizing that there is a subtle undermining of the authority of the Bible, the centrality of Christ, and a presentation of a non-Christian worldview, values, or perspectives, the Christians’ morality must be informed and shaped by the Word of God—the Bible!

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