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November 13, 2014, 1:00 PM

Politics and the Prophets of God

Political Elections and the Prophet of God

“I think that voting for any of them [political candidates} is problematic for the Christian who takes God's Word (the Bible) seriously!”  This is what I said some years ago, in response to an impending election.    During that time, here is what I wrote!  It was more concerning the “prophets of God” than the politicians! 

I cannot remember a time when I have been so disturbed by an election and what is stake as I have this one.  My greatest angst, however, is with the vast number of Christians on both sides of the political spectrum who seemed to have jettisoned biblical principles for political expediency.  The biblical, theological, and logical manipulation and sleight of hand have been very disturbing to me.    It seems that so many professing Christians begin with a particular racial preference and/or political party allegiance and then adjusted their theological arguments to support their already settled conclusions.  This is greatly disturbing.  When many church and denominational leaders engage in this kind of skullduggery, it came bring about disillusionment, because they appear to be prophets only when is convenient and fit a prescribed perspective.  Moreover, it appear to be emerging from personal preferences and not the Word of God.

The lesson: Remember that these [denominations] are not my home (I am not subscribing to an anti-denominational fervor). We should remain true to the publicized and biblical convictions to which we are aligned, although we should oppose any failure to uphold those convictions.  It reminds us of the fallibility of even respected denominations or denominational leaders.  It also reminded me that often a prophet of conviction must be prepared to go it alone and simply be "a voice crying in the wilderness"!   Again, we should from Christians, leaders, denominations all that is good, that is, all that lines up with the Word of God.  Everything else we should leave on the trash heap of history!  

We may be disturbed concerning the Church but we can always remain confident in Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior!

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