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Same-Sex Marriage and Discrimination Against Religious Liberty
April 7, 2015, 12:00 AM

In our rapidly changing socio-cultural environment in the United States, there is increasing support for “same-sex marriage” and other declarations of sexuality. Along with these changes have come an increasing discrimination against those who hold to the historically orthodox Christian view of marriage as being between a man and a woman.   Interestingly, many proponents of “same-sex marriage” accuse Christians of discrimination, even though, at the same time, these supporters of "same-sex marriage" are engaging in legal, cultural, and economic coercion against those who hold sincere religious positions.  

A part of this strategy is to attach emotionally charged labels to those who do not support their declared sexual viewpoints.   Many of these labels such as “discrimination” and "intolerance“, were rightfully used in the fight against racism in United States.   A dangerous precedent, however, was set when the proponents of “same-sex marriage” highjacked legitimate categories and attach them to any group who did not affirm their newly declared positions! 

Several issues are of primary concern in this irreconcilable tension between what Dr. Albert Mohler calls “erotic liberty” and religious (Christian) liberty. First, it is the issue of redefining marriage.  The Bible reveals that human government was establish after the creation and institution of marriage (a union between a man and a woman).  Therefore, the government’s role was to affirm marriage and not to define marriage!  God never gave government the right to redefine anything that He had already defined!  Hence, we see a problem—the confusion between the ability to do a thing with the right to do it! 

Second, there is the presence of a venomous political and socio-cultural agenda, which seeks to use the mechanism of government to force a person of religious conviction or a Christian institution to follow another person’s theological, religious, and social perspective.  Furthermore, the majority (proponents of "same-sex marriage"), based on newly held assertions, is trumping the religious liberty rights of the minority. Even when the minorities’ actions are based on “sincerely-held beliefs”, a Christian baker, florist, or photographer, for example, would be forced to provide services for a “same-sex wedding ceremony”.  This could occur even though the Christian’s convictions are supported by the Bible and centuries of Christian teachings and affirmations! 

Third, when politicians with concerns for political expediency couple with activist judges who make law from the bench rather than interpret in accordance with legislative intent support this vitriolic cultural movement, it becomes an ever-increasing assault on the biblical and Christian position concerning sexuality and marriage.  Many seminaries and denominations espouse an neo-orthodox view concerning biblical interpretation that offers a poisonous mixture of “heretical hermeneutics” and liberal theology to further undermine the historically orthodox view of marriage and sexuality.   Pastors (and other Christians) who have lost their prophetic voices and capitulated to the “spirit of the age” (zeitgeist) are equally culpable in this assault on Christianity and Christians, even if unintended.

What are Christians to do in light of this new movement against religious liberties?  (1) Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength and love your neighbor (including all people regardless of their sexuality) as yourself; (2) Obey the government, except when what it commands us to contradict or violate what God ordains or commands; (3) let the Bible take its preeminent position over all other books or documents; (4) Stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter what the cost!

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